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Hyssop not Hiccup

Hyssop is a native of southern Europe and is bushy evergreen with square stems and whorls of blue flowers.

Known as a respiratory system cleanser, it reduces inflammation and strengthens mucous membranes throughout our system. It is an expectorant and useful with mucous congestion. Hyssop tea helps to purge bronchial mucous and cleanses bronchial passages.

If you feel "all choked up" with a cold, try plantain tea to dry the mucous and help you breathe. Afterwards, try hyssop tea to bring up imbedded mucous to ensure bacteria doesn't stay in your mucous membranes.

This herb is also a remedy for rheumatism, aches, pains and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing or for children. It is not suggested for those with epilepsy or seizures.

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