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Guayusa (pronounced gwhy-you-sa) is native to the Amazon rain forest. The earliest evidence of this plants use was in a tomb of Bolivian Andes dated 1500 years ago.

There is caffeine present in guayusa that is technically not a tea but the leaves of a caffeinated Amazonian Holly tree and is not related to the tea plant that produces green and black tea.

It contains no tannins, so it lacks bitterness and can be re-brewed. More antioxidants are present than in green tea, goji berries, blackberries, blueberries and even kale. It is anti-inflammatory and a digestive tonic and diuretic. It also promotes cognitive function. Nicknamed "The Night Watchman" because it heightens senses and boosts energy.

An amazing fact about Guayusa is that it can be planted in areas previously deforested by logging and can also be grown with other foods and fruits.

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