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Calendula Pot of Gold

So much could be said about this wound healer besides the radiant yellow flowers that look like gold in our gardens. I love this easy to grow herb that gives so many flowers. These flowers range from bright yellow, deep gold to vibrant orange.

Through the ages this herb has been used as a wound healer both internally and externally. A yellow resin called "calendulin" is the constituent that serves to make this effective in treating fungal diseases. The whole flower has been used as food. In Italy especially in the olive groves, these are harvested and dried, then the petals are removed from the resinous green bases. The base is a major source of the immune enhancing medicine. The nutrient rich dried and fresh petals are filled with flavonoids, carotenoids, and other antioxidants.

Calendula also releases liver tension, which can benefit a painful menstrual cycle or one that is delayed.

I like to sprinkle calendula flowers and green bases in tea for added nutrition.

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