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Foot Soaker

Foot Soaker


Peppermint, rose and lemon balm.  Rose petals are cooling and astringent. They are used to treat skin wounds and inflammation. Lemon balm is aromatic and is calming. Peppermint is a topical analgesic useful for soothing aches and pains. Brew 1 large bag in hot water in at least a 1 quart jar for 7-10 minutes. Add to your foot soaking water making sure the temperature is correct. Sit and relax and breathe. Discard bag. One order is two bags.




  • Product Info

    Ingredients:   Peppermint, rose, lemon balm.

    Two large bags per order.

    Instructions:  Place 1 bag into at least a 1 quart canning jar and fill with just boiled water and cover with lid. Steep 7-10 minutes. Add to your foot soaking water and place in your feet when just the correct temperature. Discard bag when finished.

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    In today’s online shopping market, we believe that honesty is the best policy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase let us know. We are not able to receive back the tea that has been purchased, but we are willing to discuss and hope to solve the problem with you.

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