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Weeds that Heal

Dandelions!! Please do not spray them. It is like pouring toxic chemicals on your medicine cabinet.!! The bees will thank you.

This little flower/herb is amazing for liver health. The liver performs so many different functions in our body and the dandelion helps mend mild ailments associated with liver stagnation including constipation, acne, minor rashes and dry eyes.

The root and leaves stimulate secretions throughout the digestive tract to optimize digestion. Increased saliva production helps digest carbohydrates and increased stomach enzymes help digest proteins and increased bile secretion helps digest fats. Wonderful.

Dandelion roots are high in inulin a probiotic that helps feed the gut microbiome and in turn supports overall digestive health.

The dandelion is a nutritional powerhouse. Young spring leaves are high in calcium, phosphorous and potassium.

Look at the humble dandelion in a new way.

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