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The Hot Helper

Ginger has been used as help for over 2000 years. It warms you from head to toe.

I love it in cooking, baking, tea, and smoothies.

Ginger is a warming tea that is also a mild expectorant which is beneficial for cold conditions, including any congestion, chills and colds.

This herb is a gem for the heart and lowers cholesterol. Ginger helps stop nausea and queasiness and also helps motion sickness better than a pill.

Wonderful for weight control and digestion it stimulates saliva, digestive enzymes for proteins and fats and it increases metabolic heat to burn calories.

A good way to reap the benefits of ginger and moderate the heat is to blend it with peppermint. The warming effect of ginger is tamed by the cooling effects of peppermint and brings harmony! Yum.

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