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Tea Sandwich Recipes Fit For The Queen

For the bread freeze it first and then use a biscuit cutter and fashion the bread in circles. Thinly sliced bread is best. Keep the bread circle small as they should be eaten in 1-3 bites.

For the spreads use thick Greek yogurt or plant-based Greek yogurt. Place the yogurt in cheesecloth inside a strainer to drain and be even thicker. Squeeze firmly after 2 hours. It will be thick like cream cheese.

For the herbs use your favorite. I like basil, dill or mint.

For the vegetables stick to flavorful and brightly colored. Chop carrots, purple cabbage, red pepper, beets fine or use a mandolin. Place the vegetables on a paper towel and squeeze out any extra moisture. Mix with the yogurt and add salt and pepper or even a dash of red pepper flakes if desired. You could also lightly wilt spinach and use that after the moisture is squeezed out. Do not use cucumbers or zucchini because of extra moisture unless the sandwiches are eaten immediately.

To assemble spread a layer of carrot yogurt on one piece of bread and add herbs if you choose and then top with another slice of bread. Spread purple cabbage yogurt on top as the second layer and then build as you fancy. Make the sandwiches colorful! These sandwiches can be made the day before and refrigerated covered in an airtight container.

Serve with your favorite iced tea and enjoy!

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