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Rose Hips

Rosa Canina is actually fruit and forms near the top of five-petaled flowers that vary in color from white to deep pink. All roses have hips but the "wild dog rose" has leaves that are greener and smoother than the more familiar ornamental roses. It does have thorny stems.

Tea with rose hips has a vital anti-aging and invigorating combination of nutrients for immunity and well-being. Vitamins A, and D, B-complex, C-citric, malic and ascorbic acid, E, K, calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, manganese, pectin, potassium, sulfur, and zinc are some of rose hips healing virtues. It is a tonic for energy and cleanses the respiratory tract. It gives disease protection and helps healing.

Rose Hips enhances the function of everything from the skin to our innermost being and is a delight to our eyes.

Healing House Herbs tea with rosehips include Cocolate Strawberry Herbal, Cramp Free, Immunity Booster, Body Wellness Herbal, Ginger Strawberry, Hibiscus Berry, Lemongrass Herbal, Pineapple Green, Blue Sky Green, Stress Go! Green, Rosemary Mint Green, Pumpkin Spice Black, Pomegranate Rosehip Black, Fuzzy Peach White.

Let's drink to our health!

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