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Planting Herbs That Heal

I confess that I have Spring fever! About every year about this time, it starts. I have all my seed packets for planting, and I go over them and dream about when to plant and where to plant and when to harvest. I love it. This year I am thinking about which herbs to plant to increase my herbal harvest.


I have Chamomile for dream pillows, bath soaks, compresses, herbal teas and for reducing eye fatigue and also for my dog to help relax her. At a glance, this herb can be an annual or perennial. It is herbaceous and likes full sun to partial shade. Water requirements are low to moderate depending upon weather and soil.

German Chamomile is an annual and Roman Chamomile is a perennial in zones 4-9.

Both types can be grown from seed. German Chamomile is easy and for Roman the germination rate is low. If you find a plant to buy you can have better results. You can also propagate from divisions as Roman spreads by rhizomatous roots.

Both types of Chamomiles can be used as a sedative and nervine herb. It is calming, soothing, and has anti-inflammatory actions. It is an excellent digestive herb, sleep aid, children's herb and skin aid.

Flowering tops can be used fresh or dried.

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