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Oxymel. What is this?

Oxymel is a drink that offers the medicinal benefits of the herbs and fruits you use. It can have lots of antioxidants and can be full of nutrients such as minerals that are extracted with vinegar. It is wonderful for digestive health.

I like to make Oxymels including Hibiscus. Originally from Africa it is treasured around the world. It has a tart taste that turns beverages and foods a deep red color. Hibiscus has many benefits but is especially good at protecting the heart.

I also like including mineral rich herbs and if I have dried dandelion root, I use it. Nutrient dense and a famous ally for the liver. It is loaded with minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium and more!

3/4 c. dried herbs finely cut

2 T. dried Hibiscus

1 T. dried Dandelion root

1/3 c. honey, maple syrup, agave or molasses

1 c. apple cider vinegar with Mother like Braggs and at least 5% acidity.

Add herbs to a pint canning jar. Next add sweetener and then fill with apple cider vinegar. Wipe with paper towel around the lid. Cover with plastic lid or with parchment between the metal lid so it does not interact with the vinegar. Shake well. After 24 hours open the lid and add more vinegar if necessary. Let this steep for 2 weeks shaking every day and then strain. Store in refrigerator and use within 6 months. Discard if mold forms.

Add 1-2 T. oxymel to an 8 oz. glass of sparkling water and have a fancy nutritious mocktail on ice or use water and ice.

Instead of the 3/4 c dried herbs substitute 4 teabags of herbal tea for the herbs and Hibiscus and dandelion root. Try Hibiscus Berry, Peaches, Peach Hibiscus or Mango Tea in making your oxymel.

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