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Moringa. Sounds like a dance!

Moringa is called the "Miracle Tree". It has been heralded as a superfood even more amazing than kale.

In a comparison gram for gram, moringa has more than twice the protein, six times the iron, and 97 times more Vitamin B2.

It has been a staple crop across Asia and Africa for centuries. Now it is gaining cheerleaders in the rest of the world.

This plant grows in tropical and subtropical climates and it can achieve heights of over 40 feet. Wow! Not only high but drought tolerant. Not only a food crop it also has medicinal uses dating as far back as Egyptian times. Moringa sees can also purify water and the quick-growing wood as a source of fuel.

Every part of the Moringa tree is a storehouse for nutrition.

High in Vitamin C and A, potassium, beta-carotene, fiber, calcium, and protein. Moringa leaves have a favorable balance of amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, and selenium.

Moringa may reduce chronic inflammation, regulate blood glucose levels, offer protection from microbial infections and also oxidative stress. Studies show it may stimulate the development of neurons and help regulate signaling pathways to the brain.

**A contraindication is for pregnant women to avoid moringa leaves.

**Also not for use with people who do not have adequate iodine levels or struggle with thyroid health.

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