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NO! This is not about the puffy white blobs used in S'mores. There is no actual marshmallow in commercially sold marshmallow treats. This herb is a member of the mallow family and tends to favor marshy habitats. It is a tall herb with short, serrated leaves, pale lavender flowers. The genus name comes from the Greek word meaning "to heal".

The flowers, leaves, and root of Althaea officinalis have been used as nourishing food for over 2000 years. Hibiscus is part of this family and Okra, the edible fruit of another hibiscus the classic demulcent. (Relieves irritation or inflammation)

This medicine relieves heartburn, gastric discomfort and pain from ulcers in the digestive system, and inflammation. It is useful for leaky gut syndrome to heal intestinal lining as well as supporting beneficial bacteria. It also breaks mucus in the lungs and aids chronic bronchitis. This is an excellent tea for sore throat and also helpful for asthma and emphysema.

When the body is lubricated, there is less tension and friction, allowing the body to let go and relax.

**Due to the high concentration of mucilage and pectin in marshmallow do not take with medications as it may delay absorption. Take this tea by itself and stage your medications for later.

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