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Loving That Elixir

There is a customer that is purchasing one type of elixir for each day of the month. She has been doing this for months. It is so fun to have people enjoy what you make.

The cacao raspberry elixir is her favorite. Ingredients include coconut cream and coconut milk, cocoa and cocao, raspberry powder, rose hips, acai powder and adaptogen powder. This is all buzzed up together with a few ice cubes and 8 oz of water to make a delicious and nutritious beverage.

Acai contains antioxidants which protect cells from damage and help to stimulate the immune system. These berries are said to aid in weight loss, skin care, heart health and digestion. The taste is between a blackberry and chocolate.

Rosehips protect against infections and help to regulate digestion and have a diuretic effect good for kidney disease or detox in the Spring. This berry is especially high in Vitamin C.

The adaptogen blend has botanicals said to balance our body's hormonal response to stress and reduce anxiety, fatigue and provide balance and clarity.

Simply wonderful beverage! Try an elixir soon and your body will thank you.

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