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Hibiscus Raspberry Mocktail

Serves 2-3

2 bags Hibiscus tea

2 c just boiled water

3/4 c fresh raspberries, divided.

2 T simple syrup or sweetener of choice to taste.

splash of club soda

2 lemon peels

edible flowers for garnish.

Brew Hibiscus tea in just boiled water and discard bags after 10 minutes. Cool.

Fill 2- 10 oz. glasses with ice.

Mash most of 3/4 c raspberries but reserve a few to add as a garnish to the glasses.

Add mashed raspberries to brewed Hibiscus tea. Let sit 3-5 minutes.

Pour mashed raspberries and tea through a strainer and fill glasses 3/4 full. Add splash of cub soda to each glass.

Add a twist of lemon and rub around the edge of the glasses and add to the tea drinks. Add remaining few raspberries to each glass. Enjoy!

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