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Party Herbal Teas for Children Any Age

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

To begin you will need some herbs. Grow herbs on your windowsill!

Some herbs such as rosemary and tarragon can be quite strong but let the children taste them at a garden center or grocery store and decide. They will think of combinations you and I would never consider.

Next get a selection of fruit. Seasonal summery fruits such as berries, peaches, cherries without pits, cucumber and melon or even citrus are great choices.

Finally, you will need a base. Decide what base the children would like such as chamomile, rooibos, tulsi, hibiscus or even a ginger base if they like spicy. Cold brew the tea the night before.

Create an iced tea buffet and make the process interesting. Lay out collections of teas, herbs, fruits, flowers, and any other additions they might like. Sweeteners can be standing by such as honey, agave, or create a simple syrup that keeps in the fridge for weeks. Make it playful with colored straws and maybe even a paper umbrella or two.

Make sure to write down the recipe so they can make it again and perhaps have them draw a picture of their creation.

To make the herbal iced tea:

Before adding tea to a glass have the child pick out fruit and herbs. Then, give them a wooden spoon and let them gently muddle the components together. This releases all the tasty juices. Add the chosen tea, ice and a garnish or two.

Fun combinations to try rooibos tea, thyme, fruit; hibiscus tea, mint, berries; tulsi tea, lemon, strawberries; lemon tea, basil, cucumbers; hibiscus tea, watermelon, mint; butterfly blue pea tea, mint, berries; chamomile tea, basil and peaches.

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