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Herbal Bath Soaks

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Just started offering bath soaks in a disposable environmentally safe bag. I am so excited. I have made them for my youngest daughter. She has problem skin. I decided why not offer these soaks for others?

Anyhow they are 3 bags to an order for $10.00. The bags are single use in warm not hot water. Hot water dissipates essential oils into the air quickly and they lose their healing qualities. Hot water also dehydrates the skin. Not for consumption just for bathing.

Essential oils for aromatherapy while bathing. The tea, herbs and flowers provide vitamins and minerals that is absorbed by the skin.

The bath soak choices so far are creamy milk tea, herbal soak, flowers soak, lavender tea soak, green tea rose soak, lavender soak. More is surely to come.

Enjoy the soak!!

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