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Hate Green Tea?

I will share a secret or two.

Green tea is less processed than black tea which is why it retains its color.

Do not use boiling water when brewing green tea because it is more delicate than hearty black tea. Another secret is to not brew green tea very long. Brew times can vary depending upon the type of green tea, but 1-3 minutes is a general rule.

Genmaicha tea from Healing House Herbs is a fun tea and a good starter green tea. It is Japanese tea that combines green tea and toasted and popped brown rice. There is caffeine in genmaicha. This tea is also known as popcorn tea and can be eaten. So! have your tea and eat it too.

An easy way to make tasty green tea is to cold brew 1.5 teaspoons loose green tea or 1 teabag to 8 oz. cold water for about 3 hours.

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