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Growing Herbs That Heal

Motherwort is a perennial in zones 4-8 and likes full sun or partial shade and has no soil requirements.

This herb grows 2-4 feet high and has small whorls of lavender flowers from mid to late summer.

Seeds must be stratified for several weeks. Sow directly outdoors or start indoors and transplant outside mid to late spring. Seeds germinate in about 2 weeks at a rate of 75-80%. Water moderately.

Harvest the arial part of motherwort from spring to fall with snips.

Motherwort is used for women's ailments (did the name give that away?), as a heart tonic herb and for some nervous system and digestive tract conditions.

Aerial parts can be used fresh or dried.

I like to use it in tea. Another way is a cider vinegar tincture.

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