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Growing Herbs That Heal

English Lavender is a perennial (zones 5-8) and requires full sun and low water requirements similar to its native Mediterranean region.

Seeds should be stratified for 1-2 weeks and then sown indoors. Germination is slow 2-3 weeks and about 50 % successful. Warm night-time temperatures of about 70 degrees are good for Lavender.

Arial parts should be harvested with snips at any point during the summer months. Cut to about 3 inches above the ground.

Lavender is versatile and recommended for many health concerns, including women's and children's health, nervous system conditions and pain relief. It is also a very good skin herb. This herb can be used fresh or dried.

I like to use it in tea, bath soaks and shower steamers. It is also fun to gather up flowers with a ribbon and enjoy the fragrance wherever you are. Wonderful in a sleep pillow.

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