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Grass Tea?

Grass for tea? Lemongrass is a calming spice and, yes, it is wonderful for tea.

Citrol is an antioxidant oil in lemongrass that is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal. The oil is also rich in plant sterols, a cholesterol-like compound that cuts the absorption of dietary cholesterol. This herb is especially useful for anxiety and insomnia as well.

Lemongrass is a native to Southeast Asia and has tufted, razor-like blades with a central rib. I can attest to the truth of that after slicing my finger summer before last.

When the leaves are chopped and crushed they give off the lemony aroma that is characteristic of cuisines of Thailand and Vietnam. Sometimes the leaves are tied into a knot and simmered in a curry. I like to mix it with lemon verbena and lemon balm for a lemon explosion in my tea.

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