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Fizzy Brewed Tea

I love a fizzy beverage sometimes. It is easy to make a refreshing festive fizzy drink. All you need is a small bottle of sparkling water or seltzer.

Uncap the bubbly water and add about 1 tsp of tea per 1 cup of water. Put the cap back on and leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Have a taste and see if it's to your liking. If not quite ready, try another 1 -2 hours. Simply pour through a strainer into your glass and enjoy.

Herbal teas work great as do teas with floral or fruity flavors. My favorite now is Genmaicha Vanilla Rose that I recently made for Healing House Herbs. Delightful!

If you don't want to steep directly into your fizzy water, make a standard cold brew and add a few splashes of fizzy to your cup.

Butterfly blue tea and fizzy would be exciting. Drinking blue is fun.

This summer add fruit to ice cubes or mint and float on your fizzy drink. Experiment!

To cold brew tea add 2 tablespoons loose leaf tea to tea filter or use 2-3 tea bags. Add 32 oz cold water to tea leaves and filter or bags. Refrigerate and leave at least 2 hours or 10-30 minutes room temperature. Strain if necessary. Enjoy.

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