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Essential Oil Shower Steamers

My new project is making shower steamers. They are made especially for the shower not the bathtub.

When water comes in contact with these steamers, they fizzle away and release essential oils. These oils mix with the warm steam and provide aromatherapy in vapor that can help bring about calm, energy, relaxation, sweet slumber, sinus relief. They are wonderful and very colorful.

These steamers are not for the bath. Healing House Herbs bath soaks are meant to come into contact with skin and nourish, moisturize and sooth. They contain essential oils safe for skin care.

Shower steamers are an aromatherapy application and release oils as we shower. They are highly concentrated and should not come in contact with skin for an extended time.

Look for them on the website.

Get that shower ready to help you and pamper you at the same time. And breathe deeply!!! Help is on the way.

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