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Elixirs are alive on the website

For a long time, I have felt something was missing from grocery store shelves. This led me to begin the journey to create with the help of my daughter, a chef, a balanced nutritious beverage that tastes delicious. Elixirs provide essential nutrients and energy in an easy to digest manner.

The elixirs we have created so far contain real superfoods. We did not use the superfoods tossed around by media and marketers but those that actually contain unique and above ordinary properties, and nutrients our bodies need. I added the spin of an Herbalist and used herbs that work because we take them! The top herbs are not only the most powerful and effective but also the safest to use with a broad range of good effects upon our bodies. For example, adaptogens help one adapt to life, to stress and conditions that arise.

When I make elixirs for myself, I first brew a tea that is a compliment to the elixir and cool and blend instead of water.

For example, I brew mango or lemon tea with Walking in Sunshine Elixir, Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Pie Elixir, Tasty Nettle with Metal Detox Elixir. Be inventive and make your own combinations.

Many thanks to Laura Brooker of Holy Cow Design for all of her superhuman help with the website.

Enjoy and be healthy!

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