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Elixir Yum!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I have been working on adding new products.

My goal is to bring herbal tonics, adaptogens and superfoods together in an elixir anyone can make at home whether in a hot drink or a cool one. My dream is to have people feel nourished with an easy and delicious beverage.

Herbal tonics have a protective, balancing, vitalizing quality beyond that of most other herbs. Daily consumption of herbal tonics "tonify" the body to greater health. It must taste good and be easily digestible.

Adaptogens are plants that help us adapt to life, stress, and to any condition that arises.

Superfoods blur the lines between food and medicine. Goji berry is a good example that provides food and nutrition.

Elixirs contain either a hot or cold herbal tonic base, an adaptogen powder, and superfood powders. The Elixir can be changed by your own creativity by adding fruit or greens or type of sweetener.

Flavors so far include Chocolate Elixir, Energy Elixir, Sleep Elixir, Caramel Elixir, Berry Well Elixir, Icy Alchemy Elixir, Hibiscus Elixir, Turmeric Tune Up Elixir, Chai Spice Elixir, Maca Elixir. All these Elixirs bring balance to our body's response to stress, helping to reduce anxiety, fatigue and bring clarity.

Drink up to your wellness in a yummy uplifting way.

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