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Does Loose Leaf Tea Last Longer?

Loose leaf tea does actually last longer than tea bags. Especially true if the tea bags are filled with smaller leaves such as grocery store tea. The same goes with powders such as Matcha. The finer particles are more susceptible to losing freshness. Tea powders are best used 1-2 months after opening. A good rule is to purchase smaller quantities of tea more often.

Placing your loose-leaf tea or tea bags in the freezer will not preserve the tea but instead will lose its natural flavors and can affect the essential oils. Storing brewed tea in the freezer for iced tea or iced tea cubes is ok.

When your tea gets old and has lack of flavor try cooking with the tea or roasting the tea leaves briefly to give them new life.

The shelf life of tea varies depending upon the type of tea and quality.

Green tea and white tea have the shortest shelf life of about 6 months to 1 year

Black tea is 2 years or more.

Keep tea away from oxygen, heat, light, odors and moisture.

Airtight containers are the ticket. If your teas come in resealable packaging keep your tea in those pouches as you can squeeze the air out.

Store your tea in a cool and dark space and away from strong aromas. Tea can easily absorb odors around them. Keep your strongly scented teas away from pure teas such as Chai tea close to green tea.

Now brew a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy!

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