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Dandelion. Hear it Roar?

Dandelion is a yard weed and annoying to some. This little plant, however, is packed with nutrients, including vitamins, A, B, C, D; iron; and lots of potassium!

It has been called Priests Crown and its design is a self-watering miracle. The leaves have deep grooves and jagged edges that grow in a circular cluster close to the ground. When rain falls, it travels down the grooves of the leaves straight down to the taproot. Ta-da!!

In China, the entire plant is used but in the United States, we usually separate the leaves and roots for tea.

Dandelion Leaves

This is the tea for anemia. The leaves have iron and Vitamin C which are needed to help the iron absorb properly. The leaves also are a mild laxative to relieve constipation and bloating. The dandelion bitters activate the digestive system and stimulate the flow of digestive juices and help prevent indigestion. The leaves are a safe and healthy diuretic because of their potassium content. Good digestion and elimination are important for weight control and these mighty leaves aid and improve both.

Dandelion Root

Chronic toxic conditions can be helped with dandelion roots. It helps remove pesticides, pollutants, wastes, and toxins that collect in our joints. This amazing root is a popular liver tonic as it cools and cleans the liver. The urinary tract is helped by this root with its antibacterial and diuretic properties and is an aid to the prostate.

Make sure the dandelion you use is in-ground, not polluted and the plant has not been sprayed with herbicides.

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