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Aromatherapy in Bath and Shower

The use of aromatic essences-otherwise known as plant essences, essential oils or volatile oils has a long tradition. These essences are volatile, oily and fragrant and can be obtained from plants in a variety of ways for a multitude of beneficial reasons.

I have been using essential oils for herbal bath soaks and shower steamers. They are specific to use and are not interchangeable. The essential oils in the shower steamer are too concentrated for prolonged contact with the skin in a bath.

The shower steamers are made especially for essential oils to be released in a shower and as we breath in these oils they are restorative to our bodies. The fragrance is as much a factor in health, as in beauty and part of the curative effect. The four steamers to date are: Peace, Lavender Fields, Energize, and Calm. Many essences have an antiviral effect. Besides these oils have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which will not harm your shower and leave it better.

The herbal bath soaks are made for the bath and these essential oils are able to have prolonged contact with your skin. Bath salts and herbs are added to the bags to scent and pamper your skin while you let this time be just for you. Wonderful.

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