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And the runner up is...

Green tea is the second most widely consumed beverage; only water is consumed more frequently!

Green tea is prepared from dried tea leaves. For black tea, the leaves are withered, rolled, enzymatically fermented and then dried. Oolong tea is semi-fermented, about halfway between green and black. White tea is made from the new growth buds and immature leaves, which are steamed and dried.

This tea is busy. High in polyphenols that help anticancer activity, cardiovascular disease, it an anti-oxidant, and also inhibits the growth of Streptococcus in the mouth to help prevent plaque formation. Green tea protects the liver against oxidative damage. This amazing tea inhibits calcium oxalate kidney stone formation and enhances urinary oxalate excretion. Peak antioxidant effect occurs 30-50 minutes after ingestion.

It is unknown whether green tea extract in pill form confers the same degree of help.

Caffeine content is 10 mg per cup for green tea and 40 mg per cup for black tea.

For those of us who like milk in our tea; milk complexes with breakdown and absorption of polyphenols.

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