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Sage makes me think of Thanksgiving stuffing. But Sage is so much more.

This fragrant herb is able to help fight infections. It is high in nutrients to tone the body and with anti-oxidants that help keep free radicals from damaging tissues and cells. Amazing in that it also relaxes the muscles and soothes the lining of the digestive tract. It has bitters that ease the digestive process and increase digestive enzymes. It also calms the stomach, relieves indigestion and gas.

Sage is a disinfectant and the steam from sage tea can be inhaled to clean your sinus passages!

Astringent, antiseptic and expectorant sage fights germs, clears phlegm and reduces fevers. Take warm sage tea internally and use the tea as a gargle to fight infections in your throat.

I grow Clary Sage and the beautiful pink flowers and wooly leaves make me smile year after year. The bees love it too.

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